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SEO freelance Spain is Ricard Menor, Barcelona based SEO consultant[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1] am Ricard Menor, a seasoned SEO freelance over 10 years experience… It began merely as intelectual curiosity and brought me to open a door which led me to an exciting professional career where new knowledge and past experience do combine creating an extra sort of DNA, this job is more than a job, it is a question of attitude, creating a new layer of conscience running in parallel with your timeline. New ideas, new moments, new trends, new tech, new tricks, new people… A journey from the innocence of a vision (“search will become a business itself”) to the professional skills that make me a featured resource for your projects. From 1999 on my work has been evolving, learning and testing new strategies as time went by, new challenges, new clients in different niches, lots of interesting people teamed up taking my insights and leaving theirs for me to use somewhere in future. Working as independent SEO consultant has made of me a different person from the one I was called to be, and I love doing my part.I am SEO Freelance an independent full-time SEO consultant working in my own projects in association with eData as well as managing spanish SEO projects for B2 Performance Group and my role as SEO Manager for Suma Services, a small and efficient Strategy Consultancy based in Barcelona.

There are a number of ways to keep track of my activity, but I would suggest these two:

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