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Teaching search engines to understand: Structured Data

SEO world was turned upside-down with the integration of Structured Data into Google or Bing amongst main Search Engines. From that moment long, their logics changed from pattern evaluation based in text analysis to understanding content and search intent.

Possibilities in content semantic enrichment are not limited to Google’s Rich Snippets, not at all! There are a lot of ontologies, vocabularies and standards bringing order to the huge Big Data chaos, to the unstructured data scattered all across the Web. As said, not only is this technology important by itself, Google’s new “consciousness” base relies on structured Linked Data, becoming Google’s biggest algorithm change in a shift towards AI which came to be universally presented as Google Hummingbird which actually reads from Google’s “great knowledge bibliary” called Knowledge Graph. A simple but popular phrase stating this new mindset…

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Google actively participates in all Semantic Web, Linked Data and Structured Data workgroups. Google encourages all webmasters using JSON-LD, RDFa or Microdata for marking up all the contents of their websites.
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