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Delivering World-Class Websites with Semantic SEO enhancement

eData builds and edits Semantic Web ontology as part of wider development of Semantic SEO sites for Universities and Educational Institutions, these include (but does not limit to) Foundations, Government iniciatives, Non-lucrative Institutions or R+D+i/Research Teams. We help building Semantic Web Ontologies in order to provide a better and comprehensive information about described resources, thus an structure for data consumers like web crawlers or clients to learn about.

Semantic Web consultancy for Universities

Image credits: Chemistry Degree at IQS Barcelona

We work or have worked for finest Universities in Barcelona and specialize in granting maximum online visibility without hurting data integrity, secured access to sensible sections, data exchange between applications, native support for N languages (including RTL) and possibility to include world class native human translation/localization in the content generation cycle with full automated managing and customer side transparency. All these features and many more can be found at our latest release of Relevant CMS, the axis around which we build solid rock online presence.

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