About Ricard Menor

My career as freelance SEO consultant started over 16 years ago. What merely began as intelectual curiosity brought me to an aparently never ending path… A journey evolving from my early days as webmaster (and web dev teacher) by 1999, something I left behind favouring the emerging “search engine submission” (obsolete SES) when I realized that search would become a business by itself: from tiny local projects by 2002 to my experience and solid professional ground today, keeping that learning curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Being full time consultant my specialty is web positioning for organic search and thus helping grow website visibility and online business for companies of any size and public sector as well as private organizations, all those in need of improving or starting an online channel for reaching their target markets via Google and other big Search players.

5 pillars define my basics in SEO:

  1. Integrity, ethical and professional in best practices
  2. Holistic perspective on SEO, techniques, elements and methodologies
  3. Creative, open minded troubleshooter finding solutions or workarounds for every case
  4. Experience and agility, enabled for international projects with full English communication skills
  5. Synergic and team player, accesible and as humble as my competitors allow me to be

SEO Freelance

SEO Specialist mastering Structured Data implementations with JSON-LD and RDFa, hire me for keyword research or localization as well. See SEO services catalog.

El problema de los clientes SEO

My experience in consultancy

Involved in projects of any size at a wide variety of economic sectors from aesthetics to robotics, tourism to energy, ecommerce to universities; always looking for the chance to widen my knowledge on any new sector or niche… I worked alone, teaming up, as in house SEO Manager with a dedicated team, growth project coordinator.

Most of my work lays below the radar since I do much outsourcing for emerging and established agencies, which a few times allow me to be openly visible: I reached countries like (of course) Spain, Germany, UK, USA, Belgium, Netherlands or Poland, and many remote projects like in Portugal, Uruguay or Estonia. Honestly expecting this list to grow and proactively looking for it…

I live in Barcelona, my obviously usual work environment. It is stated though that I am delivering service wherever it is needed, yet remotely yet presentially depending upon project’s nature or circumstances. From trenches to headquarters I drive myself fluently in any ambience, being considered a person easy to deal with, conciliatory spirit and sane ambition.

What is a SEO consultant?

A person whose specialized work focuses on creating and maintaining a flux of visitors towards client website/s, these visitors coverge over the client website from a variety of channels related with spontaneous search using infrastructures and services owned by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Thus a SEO consultant is related to so called organic traffic, aka natural or as said, spontaneous; where success is measured from outstanding visibility for customer web actives when people searches for content related to its brands, products or services and the capacity of this web resources converting mere visitors into potential customers.

SEO specialist needs technical knowledge, business and processes perspective, meticulosity, creativity and excellent/native skills for languages he/she works with, not to mention general purpose and SEO specific pro tools. A true expert combines an historical perspective and rules learned from long term practice together with the ability to stay open to a permanent learning process, in order to stay up to date with new trends brought to us by the technology surrounding our daily living. Any information container can be optimized for an improved capacity of organic traffic attraction : web pages, blog posts, press releases, product factsheets, catalogs, images, videos, even other formats like PDF…

Depending on knowledge treasured by the SEO consultant and the degree of acquired experience the more valuable an SEO expert will become and the more kind of projects will be able to work on.
So some profesionals feel comfortable with local SEO, some take global campaigns, multilanguage projects; other work in a single economical sector while their counterpart will be willing to take any setor and kind of project with minimum preparation. Not only knowledge will make a good professioal, the ability to stay in the loop with latest updates and trends in web optimization, being able to put these rules into action transforming technique and method into practical solutions for customer’s business on the way to ROI and growth through digital channels. From the many things I can do for my clients and latest SEO trends I will outstand with my skills regarding Structured Data.

What is SEO?

If you still do not know what my work field means you may read this definition.

About this website

Both representing and experimenting SEO Freelance website challenges freelance consultancy market, acquiring and loyalizing my quota in local and global SEO services.

Other projects

Beyond independent SEO consultant I am partner and SEO Manager within eData Web Development and Promotion where we bring wonderful projects to a higher level in search engines visibility and business income implementing our SEO/Productivity driven content management system name  RELEVANT CMS.

I combine my client projects as a freelancer with a regular in time number of externalized B2B projects, outsourcing for global and local digital agencies.

There is a number of ways to stay current with my activity, from which I suggest these 3 sources: