Welcome to my SEO Projects Wishlist

I am a helpful resource for companies from large corporations to SME, proud of being able (and thirsty) of learning and absorbe knowledge on the fields of economic activity I am invited to participate as an SEO specialist. This experience I accumulate and use in my daily tasks is wide and ever growing, but from time to time I hear a call from particular sectors or even niches; I like taking such selective challenges, motives are not much relevant as long as will remains… Perhaps in the simpliest case I just feel the lack of that portfolio example, anything between learning hunger and ambition goes and works for having the job done professionally and ethically…

SEO projects wishlist: sectors of economical activity I’d like to be involved in for website visibility improvement.

SEO Projects Wishlist - Ricard Menor from Barcelona

After 5 years in Wishlist… To Success case :)

I am interested in issuing RFPs for SEO projects related to:


Western Corporations compete with former merely vegetal oil producers and now processors at Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, which will be welcome as well.
This offer comes with an interesting extra : I own the highly relevant domain name oleochemical.eu that can be included in our deal.
Why is this nice to have? Because you may need a non branded split for your online assets but still have a vertical domain name, this is to say a domain name consisting in very relevant and traffic promising keywords. In this domain name case, there is a relationship between the name of the industry – oleochemical – and the regional scope of the activity – Europe -.
Do not forget a domain name does not everything by itself, it is just a potential nice to have for you: primary target is to improve your business websites and turn them into the business driver they should be. Believe me when I say I can help: other corporations have benefit from my experience before you even knew about SEO, be next today!


Education is key for society and Knowledge is basic to progress, lots of Universities and Higher Education Institutes have underperforming websites that could be improved within months, some even could notice a ramp within weeks. Specially those which have been already hacked or Black Hat SEO victimized
Why not asking? Why not hands on for a test run and learn about the benefits? Asking is key to learning!

web consultancy for universities

web consultancy for universities

Non Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations of ANY size

Your action counts, no matter where. If you work for the People and care for those in need may be I can help.

Rare diseases, abuse in search of enrichment, structured social movements, corruption denounce, whatever but please genuine, legal and no wolf in disgui$e…
Autism research and support resources for families will be priority.


No mater where are you from, sooner or later we will find a common place we’d like to visit or we heard about recently. Some of these places could be:

  • Sagrada Familia temple in Barcelona: such an endless proof of genius deserves being admired and be visible globally through web search.
  • La Alhambra in Granada, Spain: proof of historical splendor and ancient science wisdom from North Africa, clever water saving engineering and simply not to be missed.
  • The Highlands, Scotland: BTW mentioning geology amongst my hobbies, great green solitude by the sea. In my to-visit tourist agenda.
  • Machu Picchu in Perú: all those high plains are full of mistery and loud silence, unlikely for pro list but feasible at least for my to-visit list.
  • Exoplanets, satellites and other celestial bodies: NASA/ESA are you there? Astronomical objects always called my attention, you need to know them in order to begin to understand your place in the scale. I’ll be back to the stars some day, count on that…