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What Semantic SEO should be about

Semantic Web

As a SEO knowledge thirsty individual I am always looking for those rare super-value resources talking about things in a very indirect way. Today I ended up for the second time in this page about Knowledge Graph optimization, I have to admit that I gave it a quick glance in the first occasion, but finally I landed there again following a different track: it had to happen.

If you give it the time and necessary attention it may bring new light in what Semantic SEO should be, in a world of content creation madness where some believe you’re worth the amount of words you are able to deliver every month.


Yes, search engines are improving the way they gather signals and fragments for composing the SERP’s, but you cannot ignore the precious ways a page can be structured and optimized for helping Search Engines understand what your pages talk about.

This is it, read about Knowledge Graph Optimization or KGO